Wheels are subjected to the most abuse on any vehicle.

More often than not, wheels are spinning at one, two, or even five thousand revolutions per minute, which means that they’re always getting hit with hot brake dust as well as rocks on the road, so they tend to lose the most shine and age the most quickly of anything of your vehicle.

What we can do for that is to apply a coating such as Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper as well as on your calipers, and what that does is it helps you protect against the hot brake dust from etching and eating into your finish.

The wheel finish stays shiny and clean, and when you do go to wash your wheels and your calipers, you don’t have to spend as much time as you traditionally would. Whereas usually you would have had to use heavy-acidic cleaner, on coated wheels you just have to use regular car soap and your car will look immaculate.

The Wheel and Caliper Package is a protection that is specially formulated to withstand the high heat and abuse that the wheels and the calipers get on a daily basis.

Our process is to remove your wheels, clean your wheels and your calipers to like-new shape, apply Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, a product designed to protect from the specific environment of damage that your wheels and calipers are subjected to.

A lot of people have wheels that look discolored after even a year or two of driving. Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper will help you protect your wheels from getting any sort of etching from brake dust or acids that you may use to clean your wheels and your calipers.



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