Auto Detailing 

Auto detailing is the art of cleaning the car in detail where operators make a car look as new and feel as new as possible with what you give us. That could be anything from an exterior wash and wax to a full interior where we shampoo seats and salt stains, clean the dust in the vents, get into the nitty-gritty parts of your cup holders or anything like that. It could be shining up your tires and cleaning your wheels. It’s essentially the art of keeping your car looking as new as possible or as perfect as possible all the time.

Ceramic Pro Coatings

Ceramic Pro coatings are a line of coatings that protect your vehicle in all aspects, whether it’s your paint, your wheels, your windshield, your leather, your fabrics, your exhaust tips, or anything else like that. They’re semi-permanent or permanent application products, so you won’t need to do it all the time. They enhance your vehicle by helping your car stay cleaner for much longer. Your car will always looks as good as when we first coat it with the minimum amount of effort needed to maintain that look. Ceramic coatings also helps preserve the value of your vehicle by giving it not only protection, but a better look so if you do ever sell your vehicle, you can recoup some of the investments you’ve made in the vehicle and in the Ceramic Pro coatings.


Ceramic Pro Centers have many options to protect your vehicle with Ceramic Pro.

  • The Gold Package is our most protective package that we offer. It’s also our shiniest and most durable package, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The Silver Package is our mid-tier package, and also the best-selling package. It’s a very good balance of budget as well as durability, and with the Silver Package, you get five year’s warranty protection.
  • The Bronze Package is recommended for people with vehicles that they don’t drive all too often or for people who have a very short ownership style. It looks really good and it’s very budget-friendly, with an included one year warranty.
  • The Sport Package is our most budget-friendly package. It comes with six months warranty. It helps you get a taste of what the Ceramic Pro lifestyle is about.
  • The Wheel and Caliper Package is a protection that is specially formulated to withstand the high heat and abuse that the wheels and the calipers get on a daily basis. We remove your wheels, clean your wheels and your calipers to like-new shape and then apply Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper.
  • The Interior Package is for the interior of your vehicle, and that protects your plastic, your textile, as well as your leather. This package helps you keep your car looking immaculate inside without using any special cleaners.

Window Tinting

The value of window tinting lies not just in the ability to change the look of your vehicle to a more sporty or luxurious version of your vehicle, it also keeps the interior of your vehicle cooler and prevents fading. At Ceramic Pro Centers, we offer a wide variety of brands of tints because we like to be able to satisfy all tastes and price points. Drivers have different preferences when balancing aesthetics and performance, and we have a tint to satisfy every need.

Interior Detailing 

Interior detailing is a detailed process in which our operators will clean your interior to a meticulous standard. We clean and condition both leather and fabric seats. We take care of as many stains as we can, taking years off your vehicle. We’ll clean your mats and your carpets as well as any salt stains that you may have. We’ll clean the dust in your vents, your cupholders, your steering wheel area, all the grime around your switches, your dash, the inside glass to make sure your exterior visibility is crystal clear. We make the car smell like new, reduce odors, and also shine your interior so that it looks you’ve just stepped into a brand-new vehicle.

Clear Bra Installations

Clear bra, also known as paint protection film, is a clear, poly-urethane film that protects your paint against hard damage such as rock chips from making holes or damaging your paint. It can be applied to any painted surface. Ideally it’s done on the front of your vehicle, but more and more often we see that people are getting their entire vehicles done. It’s about 8 mils thick, which really helps protect against very hard damage including rock chip prevention. If you were to put it on your — the rest of your vehicle, you could protect it from someone even keying your car, so it’s the most durable protection that we offer[, especially when combined with the Ceramic Pro coatings.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the art of removing paint defects from damaged clear coat. It requires a lot of skill to be able to do it safely and you also have to always balance how much paint correction you’re doing, which is essentially removing damaged clear coat from the surface. Ceramic Pro Centers have the skill, experience, and patience required to correct your paint without damaging your vehicle, always balancing how much paint correction you’re going to do with how much clear coat the vehicle has.


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