Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro 9H is Ceramic Pro line’s flagship product and it is one of the world’s most advanced chemicals. It offers multi-layerable titanium-based silicon dioxide coating. What that means is it’s one of the only products in the world that offers thick, multi-layerable protection that helps your car look new. It’s used as a base coat for a lot of Ceramic Pro packages. It has 115 degree water contact angle, which means that water just slides right off, as well as the superior 9H hardness. On the Mohs scale, which defines mineral hardness, 9H has one of the highest achievable results.

Ceramic Pro Light

Ceramic Pro Light is a top coat product that’s used on top of Ceramic Pro 9H. It can also be used alone. Ceramic Pro Light is the product that makes our Ceramic Pro packages feel slick like wax, but it also offers chemical resistance. It has one of the highest water contact angles in the industry, so water just beads right off the car. A lot of other coatings don’t have the hydrophobic feature, which is why we use Ceramic Pro Light in combination with 9H is such a superior process.

Ceramic Pro Sport

Ceramic Pro Sport is a sprayable Ceramic Pro product that comes in a spray form on the car. It’s used as a maintenance product for Ceramic Pro inspection details as well as a standalone product in the Ceramic Pro Sport package. It’s applied to your paint as well as it can be applied to glass and wheels. It’s very durable for how easy the application is and it’s very economical to use as well, so we often use that with a lot of standard paint correction details, even replacing the use of wax.

Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper

Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper was made exclusively for the application on just the wheels and calipers. I said before, wheels are subjected to a lot of abuse on a car. They’re constantly spinning at multiple thousand revolutions per minute, so they need to be protected with a very durable product which also looks very good. It is 20 times thicker than the average coat of Ceramic Pro 9H, but it looks just as good on your wheels and calipers. It helps prevent hot brake dust from etching into your finish. It stops small pebbles from damaging your finish. You don’t have to worry about cleaning cars with speciality cleaners. All you ever have to do is wash it and it looks beautiful every time.

Ceramic Pro Surfaces

Ceramic Pro Surfaces is applied to glass so that you don’t have to worry about exterior visibility. You can apply it to side glass or front windshield. It doesn’t cause an hazing or streaking. It doesn’t cause the windshield wipers to chatter like other products. Basically, for up to six months, it helps you see outside your car when it’s raining or snowing very easily. It helps also stop your windshield from small rock chip pitting and acid from eating into your glass.

Ceramic Pro Leather

Ceramic Pro Leather goes on all leather surfaces. A lot of cars these days have light-colored leather or speciality colored leather and a lot of people don’t know that that leather was created through a lot of technological advancement in the car industry. As such, it needs specialty cleaners, and a lot of people don’t know the right cleaners to use on their cars. So to avoid that, you can apply Ceramic Pro Leather, which is a one time application for every three years and helps you protect against staining from coffee, from water, from kids running around in it, blue jean dye transfer, or anything like that. Once applied, it makes maintaining your leather extremely easy. It’s a very economical solution to keep your car leather looking fresh and clean all the time.

Ceramic Pro Textile

Ceramic Pro Textile goes on fabric surfaces. In the winter, salt stains thickly coat many fabrics in your vehicle, including mats and the factory original carpet. When you apply the Ceramic Pro Textile, it helps relieve that stress from your fabric. It also helps keep your fabric from staining from mud, from different types of gum or anything stuck to your shoe, so you don’t have to worry about your fabric. You protect carpets from discoloration and basically keep the quality of the carpets from diminishing.

Ceramic Pro Strong

Ceramic Pro Strong is the thickest protection that we offer. It’s also more heat resistant. It can be applied wheels. It can be applied to your exhaust. It can be applied to any exposed metal. It’s used for surfaces that need to be protected really well, but don’t need to be aesthetically pleasing, such as engine compartments or industrial applications.



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