Why Ceramic Pro?

Canada has one of the harshest environments in the world. We get summers that are up to 40 degrees Celsius and winters that are up to -45 degrees Celsius, which means that you get a mix of both very hot and very cold in the same year. What that does to your car is cause premature aging. So, when you buy a new car, it looks amazing, but after a few years in Canada, it starts to show its age more quickly than it would in other environments. When you apply the Ceramic Pro, it will prevent your car from a whole bunch of problems, such as bugs eating into it, tree sap eating into it, bug guts eating into it, bird droppings eating into it, any sort of oxidation in the summer and in the winter. When we have a lot of ice on the road, municipalities often use beet juice, deicing fluid, salt, and that also corrodes the paint as well as the underbody of the paint. We can fix these problems with the Ceramic Pro line of products.

Ceramic Pro is a line of products that is meant to protect any substrate, also known as the type of material your vehicle is made out of, in the world. It’s applied to anything from cars to planes to houses to ships. It’s applied to all those different substrates and what it does is is it basically enhances those substrates by preventing corrosion from acids. It makes the substrate harder to scratch and swirl, so if the substrate is being affected with UV or oxidation, it slows that process down.

It also causes self-cleaning effect, so if the substrate needs to be cleaned often, this will definitely help with that. The only limitation to Ceramic Pro is yourself and what you apply it to.. It’s an investment in the life of your vehicle, appliance, billboard — whatever you apply it to.

Ceramic Pro is installed by authorized professionals all throughout the world. Ceramic Pro is in 76 different countries with more than 5,000 installers installing the product daily. No matter where you are in the world, it’s installed exactly the same.

Ceramic Pro: The Process

  • The first step of Ceramic Pro is actually to prepare the car for Ceramic Pro. The way you do that is thoroughly wash the vehicle to make sure that there’s no heavy dirt on the vehicle. Then you would do something called decontamination, which is to remove small micro-particles to make sure that the pores are clean.
  • If the car needs paint correction, then you would polish the paint out to make sure that you’re not sealing in any swirls or scratches, rock chips, road rashes or anything of that nature.
  • After that, you would clean the surface once again to remove any oils from any of the other processes contaminating the Ceramic Pro. You want to make sure that Ceramic Pro only adheres to the clear coat or the substrate that you want, nothing else.
  • Ceramic Pro can also be applied on the interior of your car. Again, the first step is to thoroughly clean the interior of the car. For example, if you do the leather, you’d want to clean the leather very thoroughly with a leather cleaner, wait for the leather to dry, and then apply the Ceramic Pro.

So, the ideal way to apply Ceramic Pro is always prep work. Ninety percent of the time spent in this process is prep work and ten percent is actually applying the Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro Centers offers several Ceramic Pro Packages for your vehicle.

  • The Gold Package comes with four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of Ceramic Pro Light and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is the best of the best that Ceramic Pro has to offer. It will give you the maximum protection and the best self-cleaning effects.
  • The Silver Package comes with one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of Ceramic Pro Light and comes with a five year warranty. This is our best-selling package and provides a good balance of durability and budget.
  • The Bronze Package comes with one layer of Ceramic Pro Light, which acts as a top coat and gives you the excellent hydrophobic, self-cleaning effects. It comes with a one year warranty and is a great way to see what Ceramic Pro is all about before committing to a more permanent package.
  • The Sport Package comes with one layer of Ceramic Pro Sport and a six month warranty. Many people use this as an alternative to wax, which only lasts four to six weeks.
  • The Interior Package which comes with a full interior detail and then coating in Ceramic Pro Leather or Ceramic Pro Textile. This will help prevent things like blue jean dye transfer, salt stains, and fading of carpets over time. It also means you don’t have to worry about specialty cleaning products on the interior of your car.
  • The Wheel and Caliper Package means that we take your wheels off, use a decontamination agent to make sure that there are no iron filings or brake dust, and then coat everything in Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper. This keeps your wheels, which take the most abuse of anything on the car, from sustaining as much damage over time. Additionally, cleaning your wheels is much easier and can be done with basic car cleaners instead of highly-acidic or heavy duty cleaners.


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