First Class Paint Protection

Clear bra protects against swirls, scratches, as well as rock chips. Rock chips are one thing that Ceramic Pro doesn’t protect against, so clear bra means that you don’t have to worry about rock chips from eating your paint, making your car look like it has freckles or anything like that. If you ever go to the track and you do a lot of high-speed driving on the track, or if you do a lot of highway driving, it helps you protect against that as well.

How we do it

Essentially it is applied in the same way as Ceramic Pro. We would prepare your surface first by washing it, decontaminating it with clay bar, and then we would move on to polishing it out and removing scratches. If you have rock chips then we could fill those in. Then we would clean the surface once again, making sure that there’s nothing on top of the paint. After that, we could apply the clear bra.
Clear bra is a wet application product, so you use a combination of soap and water under the film and on the car. Once you apply the clear bra on the car, you use some more soap on the top of the clear bra and a squeegee, and you squeegee out the water. After that, you tack down the sides and you get as close to the edge as possible so the clear bra looks invisible. It gets quite complicated with clear bras because you’re essentially wrapping a 3-D shape with a 2-D product. Some of the shapes that we have to wrap — fenders, side mirrors, bumpers — can’t be done in one piece. They have to be be split up and adjusted to the car’s curvatures, but that’s not a problem for high-level shops like the Ceramic Pro Centers because we always use a plotter to cut the film. A plotter is a laser cutter that cuts the film to the exact specification of the cars. It has an extensive library of vehicles from around the world, so you don’t have to worry about our installers cutting into your paint by hand to adjust potential imperfections in measurements. We cut all of the film on the plotter and then we apply to your car.

What brands we trust

We use XPEL Ultimate, which is one of the most reputable brands in the industry. It comes with a ten year warranty and that protects you from fading, delaminating, failure of self-healing effects or anything like that, so you don’t have to worry about your clear bra yellowing over time. XPEL’s ten year warranty is one of the longest in the industry.



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