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Ceramic Pro Centers are a top-tier collection of Ceramic Pro installers that have showed exemplary passion for our product as well as high skill level and dedication to the industry. They do the most installations of Ceramic Pro in their respective areas. The individuals that run these Centers are very passionate about the industry of detailing and about vehicle protection. Each shop has highly-skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment as well as facilities. From the owners to the technicians, we just have a passion for what we do. Ceramic Pro Centers use the best tools in the industry for what we do and work with the most reputable brands in the industry, the ones with the longer warranties, and the highest quality products for every service that we offer. Ceramic Pro Centers are expert protection centers for your passion for vehicles — and for your investment.


Paint correction is the art of making your exterior look like new. Ceramic Pro Centers can take your old paint, polish out all the scratches, dings, and damage, and then protect the results with wax, clear bra, or Ceramic Pro. We double-check everything under high-powered lights, making sure each car looks as good as possible. This process requires a lot of skill to be done safely, which is one of the reasons having shops you can trust with years of experience is so important. Each Ceramic Pro Center has years of experience in paint correction and making your vehicle look its absolute best.


Ceramic Pro is a high quality line of products designed to protect your investment in your vehicle. Whether you are coating your daily driver or your luxury or exotic vehicle, Ceramic Pro’s ability to protect your vehicle from scratches, swirls, environmental damage, acid rain, and more, as well as it’s unbeatable self-cleaning effects make it one of the best things any driver could do for themselves. Whereas waxes only last four to six weeks and gradually look worse over that period of time, Ceramic Pro is a semi-permanent or permanent (depending on which package you choose) solution to keeping your car looking as good as possible for as long as possible.


Clear bra, also known as paint protective film, can be applied on as little as just the front bumper or as much as the entire vehicle. Ceramic Pro Centers use the highest quality brands with the longest warranties in the industry, which will prevent the clear bra from yellowing or self-adhering. Clear bra also protects from the one thing that Ceramic Pro does not, which is rock chips. If you have a vehicle that you take to the track for high-speed driving, or if you do a lot of freeway driving, then clear bra is your solution to making sure your car doesn’t get dinged up or freckled. Drivers who want the best of the best tend to combine clear bra and Ceramic Pro to get the best of protection, durability, and self-cleaning effects.


Window tinting has more value for your vehicle than most realize. While most drivers think of tint as offering that sporty or luxurious look (and it does), window tint also blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering your vehicle, which means that your car stays cooler and your interior leather and textiles won’t fade as quickly. Ceramic Pro Centers work with a variety of window tinting films, including 3M, Llumar, SunTek, and DUB-IR. Drivers are always looking for that right balance of performance and aesthetics, so we want to have every product to satisfy those needs.


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"There’s no formulaic standard to make [detailing] work exactly the same in each different place. That’s why the skill of each of the Ceramic Pro Centers is so important. Each shop maintains the same high standard for their own region. "
Hamza - Owner, Ceramic Pro Center

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Each of the owners of our shops has years of individual experience, but they recognize the value of planning for the future and reaching out to colleagues. We offer each other an unprecedented network of detailing knowledge and support, and we pass that along to our customers every day, one vehicle at a time.



With a variety of different packages to meet your detailing needs, Ceramic Pro Centers are always trying to make your vehicle look as new as possible for as long as possible. Our detailing packages all start with the same thing: clean the vehicle thoroughly. Whether you’re installing Ceramic Pro, clear bra, or just doing paint correction, 90% of the work is always preparing the vehicle by cleaning it.


Ceramic Pro is the best line of ceramic coatings on the market. Its flagship product, Ceramic Pro 9H, has one of the hardest ratings on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. What does that mean for your vehicle? Unbeatable protection from environmental damage, acid raid, and scratches and swirling. Ceramic Pro Light gives you a hydrophobic top coat, meaning that every time you wash your car, it takes less time and looks better. Check out our different packages to choose the best fit.


Paint correction requires attention to detail and skill, which is why Ceramic Pro Centers are the best option. We always measure the clear coat, do a test spot, and come up with the best method to polish out swirls or scratches — safely. When your paint correction is done, we protect it with anything from wax to clear bra to keep your car looking its best.


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Our Shops

Each Ceramic Pro Center started out as an individual shop in their own part of the country, and each one was successful in its own right, already committed to providing the highest level of service with the best products. When the owners recognized that each of the individual shops would be stronger together — sharing their years and years of knowledge with each other, ultimately benefiting our customers — Ceramic Pro Centers was born. Our shops share a passion for the industry and a wealth of knowledge that can’t be beaten.

Wherever You Work and Play

We committed to this concept of a Center because we wanted to ideally give the customer the best service that they possibly can get anywhere, and we wanted that idea to be scaleable, so that they could get that anywhere with their cars. Whether they had a vacation home on the West Coast or a fishing home on the East Coast, any Center they bring their vehicles to would be the same perfect experience that they had anywhere else.


Jeff Teixeira


Attention to details have made California Detailers the first choice for many car enthusiasts in the Toronto area, when they’re looking to protect their investment and Jeff started it all as a founding partner.



Each completed detail project makes us even more proud of our accomplishments. Hungry for more Ceramic-Pro and Clear Bra installs, we take pride in our craft. As a result we deliver a better customer experience than our competitors. Below is the level of protection available from the different Ceramic Pro Packages.










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